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Florida Flow Control Inc. specializes in Valve Insertion, Line Stopping, Wet Tapping, Flow Monitoring, and Asset Maintenance services. We have earned a reputation as an industry leader in specialty water and wastewater services due to our constant focus on customer satisfaction and quality of work.

We specialize in the following services

Wet Tapping

Florida Flow Control utilizes modern day technology wet tapping techniques to provide the Customer with safe and successful wet taps on mains ranging in size from ¾” to 66”. Whether the customer is installing a new branch main connection, fire hydrant line, or simple water service, Florida Flow Control can provide the solution for the wet tapping needs.

Valve Insertion

Florida Flow Control is the industry leader in valve insertion technology and installations. Valve insertion is the process by which an AWWA Insertion Valve is installed on a live main under pressure. There are no costly main shutdowns, no boil water notices, and one excavation. Florida Flow Control is certified to install the AVT EZ Valve and the Hydra-Stop Insta-Valve. We stock various valve sizes in our warehouse so we are ready to mobilize to meet your schedule. Let an experienced valve insertion company perform your valve insertion work. Valve Insertion is the future of the industry, let Florida Flow Control take you there.

Line Stopping

Florida Flow Control utilizes revolutionary line stopping systems that eliminate the need for costly distribution system shut-downs. Florida Flow Control can stop the flow in a designated repair area and replace components in half the time required for conventional repair methods. Line stopping services can be performed on pipe 3/4” to 66” in diameter on various pipe materials. Emergency work, scheduled work, and everything in between – let Florida Flow Control be your source for line stopping.

Valve Exercise Programs

Valve Exercising and Mapping is a daunting task to many municipal owners. Generating the proper resources to effectively exercise and map your valve system is an expensive allocation of funds – Equipment, technology, and manpower. Florida Flow Control has the manpower, equipment, and technology to properly locate, clean, exercise, and map your valve system and integrate this information into your existing GIS system. The process of exercising your valves will uncover many of the distribution system problem areas and will give utility personnel a great tool to generate plans and work orders to help get their systems back to full functioning capacity.

Hydrant Exercise Program

Fire Hydrant flushing and exercising is an often overlooked component of a distribution systems maintenance program. Often times an un-exercised and un-flushed fire hydrant can lead to many problems in the distribution mains; including public safety concerns, improper flow rates, stagnant water, and pedestrian/vehicular hazards. Florida Flow Control can cost effectively exercise, flush, repair, and paint your distribution system’s fire hydrants to bring them back to life and to add back value to your municipal assets. Insurance companies, risk management firms, and bonding companies all base rates and premiums on the health and accuracy of your infrastructure assets. Let Florida Flow Control maintain these assets and provide maintenance records, work orders for your crews, and revive the health of your fire safety system.

Water / Sewer Flow Monitoring

Flow monitoring in water and sewer systems is a critical component of determining flow characteristics, engineering new projects, and benchmarking flow rates for different time periods. Florida Flow Control is a partner with Avanti Company and utilizes HACH equipment and McCrometer equipment to measure flow characteristic for a given application. Whether the goal is to measure flow in your sanitary sewer system after heavy storm events or to measure the flow in a domestic water main to ensure proper distribution volume, Florida Flow Control can provide the solutions to the flow monitoring challenges.

Asset Management

Asset Management means many things to many different utility owners. The most common thought is the excessive cost. Engineering fees, GIS technicians, multiple crews, and extensive paperwork are all components of typical Asset Management data collection systems. Through the use of simple modern day technologies, Florida Flow Control can offer the municipal owner a simplified and cost effective method to locate, map, identify, and repair their troubled assets. Valve exercising, hydrant exercising, sewer manhole inspections, sewer pipe inspections, lift station inspections, and simple data mapping and analyzation can yield very quick results and offers the Owner the ability to act quickly and cost effectively to tackle problems before they occur. KISS – Keep It Simple Sir. FFC – Florida Flow Control. To learn more about our methodology of asset management, please contact us to speak with our knowledgable staff.

Manhole, Piping and Lift Station Inspections

As the sanitary sewer system infrastructure continues to age, annual inspections of your sanitary sewer distribution system become more important to the health of your utility and to the health of the public. Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO’s) occur everyday in the United States and account for billions of gallons of wastewater being discharged onto the streets and waterways of our neighborhoods. Florida Flow Control has many years of underground construction experience and is experienced in identifying problems with manholes, piping, and lift station systems. We utilize a special camera called a “Zoom” camera which can be placed quickly into a manhole and can video the piping between manhole runs very quickly without ever having to run a camera through the entire pipe. This methodology allows for a cost effective, safe, and efficient manner in which to inspect and report on current system health conditions and probability of an SSO event; before it happens.

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