About Us

Florida Flow Control Inc. is an industry leader and innovator in the specialty waterworks and wastewater industry. Incepted in April of 2009, Florida Flow Control Inc. was formed to service the public, private and commercial Owner with specialty water and wastewater solutions. Our goal is to provide professional service, quality workmanship, competitive pricing, and on-schedule service to the problems and challenges faced by our industry.

As a specialized water and wastewater company, we are constantly in search of new opportunities within our industry to provide innovative products and services that create real world solutions to the everyday problems of aging infrastructure and the ever-growing need for water distribution and wastewater treatment. Municipalities and Engineers are utilizing our breadth of cutting edge industry technologies to better design and manage their systems.

Florida Flow Control Inc. is determined to be a major component in the continuously evolving water and wastewater industry. Through our Asset Management programs, Construction Solutions, and Full Understanding of the sum of all of the parts, we offer the public, private, and commercial Owner with the solution to their challenges today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Jodi Fileu

Estimating / Project Manager

John Horchak

General Manager / Field Supervisor

Meet Our Partners

With the ever-increasing demand for specialty water and wastewater services, Florida Flow Control, Inc. maintains industry relationships with key suppliers and innovators. These strategic partnerships allow Florida Flow Control, Inc. to be knowledgable and invaluable to the customer as a primary source for services, information, and technical expertise.